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The dream of studying aboard but the thought of leaving safe home and settle in a foreign country sometimes make the student anxious and demotivated for going to study aboard. Several time those common question comes into their mind-Is studying aboard really helpful for my career? Where I can study? What university or college I may choose? What are the documents will I need for the admission? Will I eligible for a scholarship? What will be the Visa formalities? At Eduzenship , we understand that applying to overseas universities is not just about filling an application form. It is a crucial decision and involves a lot of planning, research, and decision-making. That is why our student profiling services help you identify the right destination, the right course, and the right university in accordance with your scores and your budgets.

Country Information

Next most important factor to choose perfect country. Students get confused in choosing a suitable country for their career. Students are assisted by the Eduzenship team member in making a final choice in terms of the right course and the right University / College in a specific Country balancing the student’s requirements and the eligibility factor.

Selection Of Course

It’s difficult for a student to make the best decision when there are thousands of courses to choose from, each with different specializations and almost endless possibilities. We have comprehensive and up-to-date details on several courses offered at all levels (Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc.). Our counsellors will thoroughly examine this detail, make a careful selection, and recommend the best course for you based on your personal interests, academic history, and long-term goals.

Admission Pathway

Admission to the right universities/college necessitates a combination of competence, passion, appropriate knowledge, and concentrated effort. Admissions is a long, difficult, and sometimes stressful phase for students. When that process gets tough, we step in as a friend, guide, and encourager. We will assist students in one-on-one with their application process, course selection, and application deadlines.

Accomodation Guidance

At Eduzenship, we understand the importance of accommodation to your integration into the foreign community. We thus offer assistance in identifying the right accommodation matched to your budget and proximity to your college.

Travel Aboard

We even take care of booking flights for our students well in advance to allow ideal departure dates, routes and discounts. Eduzenship guide student in that way so their aboard life pass easily.


An utmost consideration for a family to send their child out for higher studies is Safety. Keeping this in mind, Eduzenship have collaborated with more then 40+ education institutions that are placed in the safest countries of the world (as proclaimed by UNESCO). These are Canada, US, UK, brief a few. Safe environment during study helps the student to continue a stress-free education while enjoying the foreign life.


Eduzenship keeps a track of various funding and scholarship opportunities which is shared with the students.